illakillatape-1995 STREAM HERE

Vol. 4, early #1995. Been DJing under the name EXCEL roughly 4 years. I wore Goretex Timbs almost every day. Me & my GF (Maria) had several matching kits. She bought me a Helly Hansen that year for my bday. I was heavily influenced by hip hop. There was no Trap, Ratchet, Hood, or Regional Hip Hop in our (Philly) world. East Coast/West Coast. I couldn’t chirp, transform, or even consider playing a club. I religiously taped @djjayski on radio. I worked at a pizza shop. These were mostly all the records I had. I can’t believe I have this in my possession. I remastered & currently uploading. The shout outs at the end are incredible. I barely recognize my own voice. I only remember a few people mentioned & curious why others weren’t. Stay tuned!”#stolensouls