1st off, I wanna say, if we know each other that well, you may or may not be looking at a pic of your Xmas gift. After spending $50 on buttons, I’m all tapped out on the Xmas gift fund.

Anyhow, while I was in Portland recently, I had the opportunity to do some diggin @ the www.monstervintage.com warehouse. Leigh’s girlfriend, Sara, works for the company & told all about the goodies I may find. I had a free day & what better way to spend a cold, rainy off night than in a warehouse filled with vintage artifacts & clothing.

After a few hours of rummaging through racks, shelves, & drawers this is what I eventually walked away with. I gotta say, these are hands down some of my favorite pieces in my closet right now.

Special thank you to Leigh, Sara & Victor from www.monstervintage.com. Totally made my trip since Nike was a bust. I’ll be seeing you all very soon.

Stop by the site for some fly vintage slams.

Happy Holidays gang!